pondelok 31. decembra 2012

Highlights of my 2012

The last hours of 2012... I am always so excited about New Year! :) What is 2013 gonna bring to our lifes? Well, I hope it will be at least as good as 2012... For me, 2012 was very special, full of changes I would never expected to happen...


We organized so many successful parties for Erasmus students! :D Flower power was one of them :D

Paris <3


Our first (and unfortunately last) school ball.... :) with Dianka

For the first time in Vahovce! :) Me gusta!

In "uniform" ;D

For the first time in Rome! :))

I changed my haircut.... radicaly... :)

(summer 2012 was too special for this "all in one post"... More about it soon;))

pondelok 24. decembra 2012

Merry Christmas! :)

I started to write this blog almost one year ago... Then I stopped, still do not know why. Maybe I was too lazy. Or not motivated enough. But today it is Christmas day! The most magical day of the year, when everything is possible! :) (well, maybe I have watched too many christmas fairytales, but whatever!)... So I wish to everybody to be happy at least this one special day and I wish also to have more readers haha (I think, everybody can be selfish from time to time)! :D And if my personal wish will not come true, I do not care... I started this for me and I will finish it the same way (if my laziness will not beat me again)... :))

Merry Christmass! :)