štvrtok 31. januára 2013


I have started to follow lots of different international blogs so far. They are not only about fashion, but also about travelling, projects and collaborations with famous designers. Here are few of  my favourite bloggers, which I follow for a long time... :)

Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad is my personal n.1... She made of her passion for fashion her job.  The Blonde Salad is now well-known trade-mark and she also has her own shoe line. What a sweet life! :)

From 2007 Andy Torres runs a successful blog The Style Scrapbook. She has really specific inspirational style and according to me, she looks the most natural in front of the camera. :)

Carolina Engman from FashionSquad is a swedish blogger, model and stylist. Together with Chiara and Andy, they established a fashion brand Werelse, which come up with limited edition products.

Kerti Phak is blogger, artist and photographer from Estonia. With her girly style she looks like a real fairy in her pictures... :) And what is probably the most important, her outfits will not ruin your budget! :)

Adeline Rapon is a blogger from Paris. Her blog was probably the first blog I have ever seen... :) Her style is very specific like only french girls can have...

Well, I have prepared more pics for you, but this is probably enough for one post... ;) More inspiration in different post! :)

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