piatok 4. januára 2013

Missing summer part 1.

Hi guys! :)
How did you survive these first days of the new year? Well, I would be very happy if winter was gone... I miss summer so much! Warm days, gold sun, blue sky, green grass, cold water, sand in my shoes... aahh... :)
I spent summer 2012 with my girls in the U.S. with a student program work and travel. At first it was pretty tough, but people can get used to anything. So we did... :) Working days passed by very quickly and then we only enjoyed free days, ocean, sun and trips around. It was a unique experience, not only because I visited places I have never been to and I met lots of amazing people, but also now I know I am able to do and work more than I think! :)
Here are some photos, not photoshoped and they are taken only with my small compact camera, but I hope you like them. ;)

Niagara Falls was definitely one of the best experience!

Oooh god, how much I loved shopping there! :)

Stylish raincoats for the Maid of the Mist :)

I can regret only one thing... I did not taste the water :/ ;P

I have got an opportunity to work for a one day on Dew tour - well known skateboard and BMX competition.

Six Flags!

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